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Demand for locally-grown produce is on the rise

Demand for locally grown produce

As the internet continues to give people access to education
and information about the world around them, they’re less willing
to settle for whatever’s on the shelf. Today’s consumers want:

  • Fresher, more nutritious choices
  • Produce that comes from a trustworthy source
  • Access to unusual and heirloom varieties

They have a strong personal desire to:

  • Support agriculture in their local communities
  • Preserve local farmlands and open spaces
  • Contribute to a possible reduction in fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions
As a one-stop shop, our job is to make your job easier!

No need to worry about coordinating multiple farm vendors - you only deal with us.

Tired of managing food safety compliance? We handle everything so you don’t have to.

We provide branding, retail/bulk packaging, merchandising and marketing expertise.

Our team coordinates distribution, fulfillment and logistics up and down the East Coast.

Buy with confidence! Get customer service, centralized support and 100% accountability.

Our growers have been handpicked
for their crops and their character.

Over the past few decades, we’ve been fortunate to connect with some of this country’s most dedicated farming families. Through the generations, they have displayed an unyielding commitment to sustainable agriculture, conservation and land management.

To remain economically viable, they embrace crop rotation and diversification, water management solutions, soil fertility initiatives, and integrated pest/weed management systems. By partnering with Family Farmers Direct, growers are freed up to focus their time and energy on supplying the very highest quality produce.

Family Farmers Direct is a Regional Food Hub Program designed and operated by Summit Harvest, a successful produce sales and marketing company run by Craig and Doug Pallman, fourth-generation family farmers and entrepreneurs. Our main office sits squarely in the middle of Pallman Farms, a working farm originally founded by the duo’s grandfather, Dutch Pallman. In addition to Family Farmers Direct, Summit Harvest provides year-round tomato repacking and professional tomato brokerage services.

Summit Harvest Incorporated

Corporate Office Ph (570) 585-1707 • Toll-Free (800) 585-1472 • 1511 Summit Lake Road, Clarks Summit, PA 18411

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