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Save time and money by sourcing all of your seasonal, locally-grown produce from Family Farmers Direct. Our relationships with a carefully selected network of growers enable you to reap the rewards of giving your customers exactly what they want…local, fresh, healthy, delicious vegetables.

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Buying locally-grown produce from family farms brings with it many benefits. Family Farmers Direct has established rigorous standards that we use to select farmers who prioritize land management, who are concerned about their environmental impact, and who take pride in their profession.

As opposed to produce that is picked too early, ripened artificially and shipped over long distances, locally-grown produce is harvested only when it’s ready and at its flavor peak. Our vegetables are fresher, more visually appealing, tastier and retain a higher level of nutrients.

For just-picked produce that ensures beautiful plating and memorable flavors, trust Family Farmers Direct and our network of premium Growers…

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